We create marine platforms to protect the coastline of the United States and it's allies.

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Our commitment to the mission

Our approach to satisfaction is driven by our commitment to providing Law Enforcement Professionals with a Complete Solution Force Multiplier that proves to be the decisive difference in Mission Success. We continually research improved systems and designs to maintain our position as a leader in our Industry. The Naplesyacht product line of Interceptors represents the state of the art in Marine Interdiction Platforms.

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About Naplesyacht

Naplesyacht.com is the premier provider of World Class Marine Interdiction Platforms. Whether your mission profile is open ocean crossings in unpredictable sea states or shallow water patrols in narrow challenging water ways Naplesyacht is the complete system solution. We provide single face to customer, cradle to grave support from initial consultation to post deployment follow up sustainment. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are season professionals with decades of intensive conflict resolution engagement operating Tier One assets in all time zones throughout the planet. No other single company is capable of matching our level of expertise, experience and dedication to execution for mission success.

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